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In Memoriam

Dedication: Father Christian Mondor & Pastor Sumo Sato Memorial Plaque -Tower “O” HB Pier

Made possible through the very generous help from:

  • Heritage Memorial Services
  • Cesar Gutierrez & Dennis Gallagher /
  • RJ Mayer / Mark Currie /
  • Huntington Beach Auto Dealers Assoc. /
  • HB Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram /
  • Anto Brenden / Mayor Mike Posey /
  • Council Member Patrick Brenden / Dukes Restaurant /
  • Community Services Director Marie Knight & Staff /
  • HB Community Services Commission & Chair Jay Kreitz /
  • The Local News Community Newspapers
  • Dave Garofalo. Owner /
  • Marsha Rechsteiner, President

December 5, 2018 – 10:30 am



  • Prayerful Thought Rabbi Stephen Einstein
  • Welcome Mayor Erik Peterson
  • Council Leadership Patrick Brenden
  • Marine Safety Lt. Claude Panis
  • Surf Community PT Townsend
  • Community Services Commission Representative
    Vice Chair Michelle Schuetz
  • Greater HB Interfaith Council Marsha Rechsteiner,
  • Unveiling Moment ALL HANDS

Fr. Christian Mondor, OFM has passed from this world to the next. He loved life to the fullest and the people to whom he ministered, fighting to stay with them until the very end on 25 April 2018, two days before his 93rd birthday. He died with vision of mind and body unabated and with the holy oils of Mother Church still wet upon his forehead. His final words were, “Keep working.” He was, from first to last, a Franciscan priest and a man of God. May he rest in peace.

Let those responsible please make this notice available on all parish outlets (website, Facebook); another announcement will be made at all the weekend Masses by Friar Ryan Thornton.

A Great Man, A Good Friend, A Religious Community Leader and a icon in Huntington Beach, Ca…The Surfing Padre…with him passes a spirit full of love, passion, compassion and understanding…he leaves a deep void of leadership. The Role Model for an entire community!

Text and photos provided by Dave Garofalo

A permanent 3′ x 3′ Bronze Plaque on Tower 0 on the HB Pier was dedicated in December 2018, in memory of how two people dedicated their lives to their faiths and shared that passion with the entire community and our surf culture and marine safety. Father Christian and Pastor Sumo will remembered for decades to come… as community leaders and members of the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council.

Please see the video here:


Our Mission Statement

The Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council (GHBIC) is a gathering of representatives of faith based communities and individuals dedicated to understanding, respecting, promoting and celebrating spiritual and cultural diversity.

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Penelope Nichols, is a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a member of The Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council since 2015. She and her family moved to Huntington Beach in 1997 and quickly fell in love with its beauty…

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Council Meetings

Regular Council Meetings are the LAST Tuesday of every month. Continental Breakfast at 8:00 am. Council Meeting starts at 8:15 am. Huntington Beach City Hall, Basement Room B8. These meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to come and get involved…

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