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Response to Racial Violence

Executive Committee:

Mark Currie, President
Baha’i Faith
Huntington Beach

Marsha Rechsteiner, V. President
Sts Simon and Jude
Catholic Church

Charles Niederman, IP. President
Temple Beth David,
Orange County

Maha Ragab, Secretary
Muslim Community

Charles A. Lung, Treasurer
First Church of Christ, Scientist

Jynene Johnson, Member
Church of Jesus Christ,
of Latter Day Saints

Rev. Anthony Boger
Surf City UMC
Huntington Beach

Rev. Kinndlee Lund
King of Glory Lutheran Church
Fountain Valley

July 21, 2016

The Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council (GHBIC) is saddened by the recent acts of violence in our country. The loss of lives, the destruction of families, the damage to society and most of all, the amount of hatred coming from these acts makes it hard for all of us to see that we are one race and one family under one loving God. Though we may call God by different names, worship in different ways, and pray at different times, God’s love is showered upon us all, God’s mercy is given to all, and the ocean of God’s grace surrounds us all.

Much needs to be done to change the path we are on. Every human life has infinite value. Our brothers and sisters of color deserve respect, love and support as do our brothers and sisters in blue. Let us come together all across this country, in the spirit of unity, to start dialogues of understanding on race and racism. Let us open the lines of communication with those that are different from us so that we can begin to learn not only about them but about ourselves as well. We encourage all of the Houses of Worship, locally, statewide and nationally, to be gathering places, meeting halls and with open doors to the entire community.

  1. We resolve to continue to educate our community to strengthen homes and families.
  2. We resolve to communicate spiritual, social and economic opportunities to all groups in an effort to intentionally create a diverse community of leadership.
  3. We resolve to continue to support our police department and assist them in serving our community more safely and effectively.
  4. We resolve to celebrate the diverse people living within our community and to intentionally break down barriers that may separate us.

We pray for those lost in fear and hate to be immersed in the love of God, for the bodies and minds of those injured to be healed, for the grieving families to be comforted, and for the hearts of all humanity to come together to share this world in peace, harmony and love.

Mark Currie, President

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